UNB- Egypt offer 5 & 7 Years Savings Certificates with competitive interest rates that  will be credited to your Current or Savings Account.


  1. Certificate is issued in EGP and interest is paid quarterly
  2.  Minimum amount for buying the certificate is EGP 5,000
  3. Certificates issued in multiples of EGP 1,000 with no ceiling
  4. Certificate is valid for only five or seven years (not renewed automatically) and is tax exempt
  5. Full redemption is allowed after 6 months from the purchase date
  6. Certificate is available for natural persons (individuals only)
  7. Overdraft facility up to 90% of CD value.
  8. Loan against CD up to 90% of CD value.
  9. Secured Credit Card up to 90% of CD value.

5 & 7 years Certificates of Deposit:

Please provide these documents when you apply:

  • Copy of ID for Egyptians or a valid passport for expatriates


How to Apply

Simply visit your nearest UNB-E to fill in the application and bring all the required documents listed above