UNB Egypt - CD’s


Whether  you are seeking a medium / long term saving opportunity in Egyptian Pounds or US Dollars with higher interest rates, UNB- Egypt’s  wide range of Certificate deposits will always satisfy your requirements.

Accelerating Rate CD

UNB-Egypt launched its 3 years accelerating rate CD Additional Benefits: Read More

USD 3 Years Saving Certificates

Certificate is issued in USD and interest is paid quarterly Read More

10 Years CD’s

UNB- Egypt offers a 10 Years Savings Certificates with competitive Read More

5 & 7 Years CD’s

UNB- Egypt offer 5 & 7 Years Savings Certificates with Read More


UNB also offers “Amwaly” certificates, which present outstanding returns with Read More

El Nabea

UNB- Egypt offers 'El Nabea" a 3 Years Savings Certificates Read More