Smart cash loan is a personal loan, presented to you by UNB-Egypt, without salary transfer, offering the lowest interest rates and the highest loan tenor.

Loan benefits:

1- Lowest monthly installments

2-Minimal financing fees and commission

3-Competitive interest rates

4- Minimum required documents

Loan features:

1- Maximum loan amount: 300,000 EGP

2-Highest loan tenor, up to 72 month

Required documents:

1- Valid national Identification card

2-Recent utility bill

Salary loan:

With UNB-Egypt salary loan, you will enjoy a flexible loan tenor, with easily payable monthly installments and a free life insurance.

Abnaey loan :

Worry no more about the burden of bulky school fees. With UNB-Egypt Abnaey loan, you will save your cash, through paying small installments over course of the academic year.

Car Loans:

When it comes to Auto loans, UNB-Egypt offers you 4 different loan options to choose from, in addition to a variety of down payment amounts, interest rates and tenors, which make it possible for you to customize your loan according to your needs