UNB Egypt - Treasury


To meet all our clients’ financial needs and expectations, the team of experts in the Treasury & Investment Division at UNB-Egypt offers an integrated-solutions packages through the state-of-the-art services provided to corporate, institutions, or individual clients.

Through Treasury & Investment Division, clients are able to buy and sell Treasury Bills & Treasury Bonds.

UNB-Egypt assists clients in choosing the best available financial & investments opportunities in the market. This is achieved through financial advisors who meet with the clients to provide financial consultancy about the most profitable investment opportunities in addition to orienting them with the most updated market trends in both domestic and international markets. In addition, special exchange rates are granted to our clients when buying or selling currencies against the Egyptian Pound or any other foreign currency.

Included amongst our products/services offerings:

Foreign Exchange:

  • Competitive exchange rates in both Spot and Forward transactions.
  • Information and pricing services in addition to a wide range of tailored solutions for hedging made available for our clients.

Governmental Debt Securities:

Union National Bank-Egypt trades on Governmental Debt Securities by buying or selling generating the maximum profits to our customers :

  1. Treasury Bills
  2. Treasury Bonds “